Eye Nutrition

A New Hope for People with Dry Eye

All natural EyePromise® EZ Tears supplement helps relieve dry eye from the inside out with 8 anti-inflammatory ingredients, including more than 1,000 mg of purified Omega 3’s (EPA/DHA) per serving. 

Do you have dry eyes?

Have you had LASIK or do you wear contact lenses, smoke, have diabetes, suffer from environmental allergies or use the computer more than 3 hours a day?

If you do, Dr. Dibler recommends you take Eye Promise® EZ Tears Dry Eye Formula which has 8 anti- inflammatory ingredients along with the Omega-3.

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Vitamin C and Cataracts

Numerous studies have linked vitamin C intake and eye health.  A study demonstrated that women using vitamin C for 10 years or more experienced a 64 percent reduction in the risk of developing nuclear cataracts.  Researchers estimate that half of cataract-related surgeries could be averted by delaying the onset of cataracts for 10 years. 

Other research showed that women taking a daily supplementation dosage of 364 mg experienced a 57 percent reduction in their risk of certain types of cataracts.  The research concluded that periods shorter than 10 years are insufficient to measure the influence of vitamin C upon cataract formation because cataracts take a long time to develop.  Therefore, a 300 mg/day intake of vitamin C appears to be the minimum point at which cataract prevention occurs. Start taking Vitamin C today!

Nordic Naturals

We are now offering select Nordic Naturals supplements in our office.