Success with Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills, and/or symptoms, such as:

  • 20/20 Eyesight
  • Lazy Eye
  • Blurred Vision
  • Convergency Insufficiency
  • Crossed Eyes
  • Depth Perception
  • Dizziness & Motion Sickness
  • Double Vision
  • Eye Strain & Fatigue
  • Eye Tracking & Eye Teaming
  • Headaches
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Special Education
  • Reading Improvement
  • School Performance
  • Sports
  • Strabismus
  • Wall-eyed or Exophoria
  • and much MORE..!

Before we started vision therapy, Brendon had a very hard time reading & keeping up with school work. He struggled & worked very hard just to get C’s & D’s in school. His eyes would water when he read & I would often have to read to him in order to finish his assignments. It would take hours to complete homework every night. As Brendon started therapy things seemed to gradually get easier for him. He was able to read and finish homework assignments. He also greatly increased his sports skills, which we were surprised by, but very glad.

Brendon plays basketball and has gotten much more playing time this year. Now, Brendon has actually started reading a book on his own. It is not for school and we did not ask him to read it; he wants to. A year ago, I would have never thought he would ever read a book just because he wanted to. He has more self confidence than he ever had and his grades have improved a lot. I am so glad that we found Dr. Dibler and that we decided to do this. It has made a huge change in Brendon’s life.

Michelle C
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Vision therapy has really changed my son’s life.  He used to struggle with attention during reading and sports.

This year, he was voted most improved - unofficially - by his baseball coaches.  Last year, he only swung at the ball maybe half a dozen times.  This year, he swung and made contact - even scored runs.  It was such a change!  His overall coordination increased as well.  His running is so much smoother and faster now!

The biggest plus of all is what it has done for his reading.  He now enjoys reading and has greatly increased his comprehension.  He is actually going back and re-reading books he had trouble understanding when he started vision therapy. 

As a mother, I am thrilled with the increased self-esteem he has!!!

Laura J
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Brenden was struggling with several things in school.  He had difficulty copying from the board, losing his place when reading and poor handwriting skills.  There have been significant improvements in all of these areas.  Vision therapy has been extremely helpful in identifying specific areas and tasks within the school curriculum that we needed to work closely with the teachers on. 

Brenden made the Honor Roll for the first time in the 4th quarter!

Karen W
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Reading - He was skipping words and inserting incorrect words quite often.  He would want to quit reading after a single page of text because it was too hard to track.  Since therapy, his reading skills have really improved.  The previous issue of saying the wrong word rarely appears and he can finally learn word attack skills to sound out unfamiliar words.

Motor Skills - He can now sit still for much longer periods of time.  His performance in school is improving tremendously.  He has learned to tie his shoes and ride his bike, both of which were next to impossible for him to handle before.  His concentration has improved.  His ability to think about then solve a problem has also improved. 

Suzanne B
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Rachel was extremely frustrated with school.  Her writing was poor, and while she was a good reader, she would skip words.  She became very upset when it was pointed out that she had not read all the words.  Concentration was a problem.  She would not copy all her words (i.e. spelling) from the board and would then get a lesser grade.
While in vision therapy, Rachel’s concentration in class increased and her grades improved.  He writing skills improvements were especially noticeable. 

Rachel still becomes easily frustrated, but overall her difficulties in class have decreased significantly. 

Miss Hannah stated Rachel was less likely to be upset/frustrated during a writing exercise than before.  She was also improving on getting in class assignments completed and not having them become homework. 

I believe Rachel has become more confident in her abilities.  She believes she is smart. 

Lou S
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Before vision therapy…..

Trent had problems with blurred and double vision, difficulty copying from the board, trouble in math with aligning numbers and keeping symbols straight. His handwriting was not legible either. He was 4 grade levels behind in reading and 2-3 levels below in math. He also had poor coordination and balance. He was labeled as learning disabled and ADD/ADHD.

A friend whose daughter had success going through a vision therapy program with Dr. Dibler recommended her and thought it will help.

After vision therapy…

Now he no longer needs tutoring for math, and is only one grade level behind in it. His handwriting is wonderful. He is improved on his reading and can do the work now to get better. He is actually trying to read signs and words around the room.

Vision therapy made it much easier for Trent to work on his school work, and it also improved his coordination. He doesn’t get as easily frustrated and angry during school work anymore.

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Vision Therapy has been so helpful for my daughter. She went from having eyes that drifted constantly to not at all. The road to reach this point was sometimes challenging, having to continue to encourage her to continue and to work hard, but it was worth every minute!
Marlene V

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Before my daughter started vision therapy, we tried everything from Sylvan Learning Center to private tutoring to improve her reading and reading comprehension.  Her primary care physician was not helpful either.  My daughter hated to read and would try to avoid it when possible.  I knew something had to be done.  I was referred to Dr. Dibler by another occupational therapist that I work with.  Finally I had found someone to help!

After vision therapy, my daughter’s attitude toward reading completely changed, her confidence was back.  Her grades improved, her athletic ability/performance improved and best of all, she is reading for fun!  I can’t describe the joy and relief I feel to see her with her nose buried in a book and enjoying it.

Katie G

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Before vision therapy…..

My son was skipping words and inserting incorrect words quite often. He would want to quite reading after a single page of text because it was too hard to track.

After vision therapy…

Since therapy, his reading skills have really improved. The previous issues of saying the wrong word rarely appears and he can finally learn word attack skills to sound out unfamiliar words.  He can now sit still for much longer periods of time. His performance in school is improving tremendously. He has learned to tie his shoes and ride his bike. Both of which were next to impossible for him to handle before. His concentration has improved. His ability to think about then solve a problem has also improved.

Suzanne B

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My daughter is 8yrs old and has had several eye issues in her short life. She was born 6 weeks early and we think this led to some cranial shaping issues and later eye problems. She has had balance issues + tracking problems. Further, when she was 6 – she got an infection that went neurologic – and developed further eye issues. She has had Amblyopia and Strabismus since she was very small.

I have seen marked, shocking progress with eye therapy. Her Amblyopia is no longer physically noticeable + we were hoping the recommended surgery won’t be needed. She has improved balance, ability to do gymnastics, + ability to dance. Most important, Ellie’s grades have improved several times over. Spelling + reading have improved to B’s + A’s which was inconceivable a few months ago. We’ve noticed she had a lot more social development, too.

Although I was a definite skeptic, I leave this process a true believer. My entire family has noticed the change.

It is noteworthy that we did follow the program very closely! We’re faithful to the home exercises and I think …… the program is important.

Allison M

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My daughter has always been an excellent student but her grades quickly changed for the worse. I noticed her homework took longer to complete and her handwriting was more difficult to read. Our Optometrist said she had 20/20 vision but her eyes were more like a 40 year old rather than a 11 year old. Three months later her vision was no longer 20/20 and our standard optometrist recommended Dr. Dibler.

Therapy was demanding, time consuming, and expensive but we have noticed a substantial change. In fact, her standardized testing scores have increased and I have noticed her read for pleasure. She isn’t completely back to normal but I would recommend going through the process.

Amy H

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When we started vision therapy Maddie struggled. With school work – she worked very hard but didn’t see success for her work. We had her evaluated several times but no one offered any real solution – When we finally came to Dr. Dibler, we felt we finally found someone who could understand Maddie’s struggles and OFFER solutions.

After almost 5 months of therapy Maddie is showing progress in her school work and homework isn’t the nightly struggle it used to be. Her confidence and & willingness to try new things has increased. Hopefully the tools that Maddie has learned in vision therapy will continue to make school and all that comes with it more manageable as she gets older.


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My son was struggling mightily with reading comprehension, poor handwriting, inability to focus in class, inability to copy from the chalkboard, inability to maintain good grades. In sports, he was having difficulty seeing others around him and he would duck when the ball would hit the rim. Since starting vision therapy, he has improved greatly. We are thrilled and astounded with this improvement. His grades are now A’s, his teachers tell us he has no focus issues in the classroom, his reading comprehension has improved, his handwriting and copying material from the chalkboard has also improved. His basketball skills are off the charts!

Now in 6th grade, he comes home from school happy. He says things like “School is easy now. All the teachers like me this year.” Our son has worked very hard with daily Vision Therapy and weekly Therapy with Dr. Dibler/the therapists. The results are life changing. I will be referring anyone I can to Dr. Dibler. The difference she has made in my son’s life is profound!

Karen A

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Danny’s coordination and handwriting was very poor. He was unable to copy words from the Smartboard and couldn’t look at words and then type them.

Since therapy his coordination has improved. His balance when riding a bike and his ability to catch and hit a ball have improved.
His handwriting is slowly improving. His handwriting is now legible and writing is no longer a chore to be dreaded.

Danny can focus on a white board and then quickly focus on his paper on his desk. The biggest improvement is his ability to quickly focus on different areas in the classroom (wall, board, desk, book, computer screen).

Leslie S
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Lily appeared to be struggling with skipping words with reading and decreased attention with schoolwork. Have noticed improved fluency with reading. Although still having decreased attention towards end of last school year (3rd grade). Also, more interest and excitement with learning. Noting less frustrated, as well.

Lily E
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My daughter struggled with seeing the white board, any Powerpoint presentation and her written work. Her biggest struggle was switching her vision from far away to close …………………………. We sought help from a local well-known eye doc who did not know how to diagnose. We sought new help/doc.

After being referred to Dr. Dibler, we started to understand my daughter’s eye challenges.

After just a few weeks of therapy & eye glasses, my daughter’s headaches went away and she was able to see the board at school and …… text books and she was able to read for fun again! Dr. Dibler & Kayla really helped my daughter. I can’t thank them enough.

Marcia R
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My son Gabriel was recommended to have strabismus surgery after a consultation with Dr. Dibler, we decided to use vision therapy before opting for surgery. Gabriel was experiencing double vision due to his Exotropia. Copying, paying attention while reading, and handwriting were extremely difficult in school for Gabriel. After months of  eye therapy, there has been a great improvement. His handwriting has become legible with few copying errors. He loves to read chapter books now as much as his older brother and sister.

While we are very thankful for the improved areas of academics, the increased confidence has been an unexpected result with which we are very grateful. While Gabriel has excelled in sports or physical activity, he had little confidence in other areas. Now he doesn’t get upset at a new task or quickly say “I don’t know how.” Gabriel has benefitted from eye therapy this year. His Exotropia shows itself less and he has a better control and teaming. His goals were met and we are pleased with the results.

Natalie U
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I was born with horizontal and vertical strabismus and even though my eyes looked straight, my head used to be tilted all the time on order to adjust my eyes.

I had 3 surgeries between the ages of 10-12 which corrected my head tilt but even over the years my eyes started deviating and I completely lost binocular vision.

In 2009, at age 24 I underwent 3 surgeries over a period of 1 year which almost aligned both my eyes but I still didn’t have any control over my left eye (i.e. lazy eye) and binocular vision was impossible to achieve. This made my left eye turn outwards and up whenever I spent several hours on the computer or was short on sleep.

A couple of months after my 3rd surgery I started visiting Dr. Dibler once a week for vision therapy and also spent about 20-25 minutes doing eye exercises at home.

My vision has improved tremendously over the last few months, my brain-eye-hand coordination has improved and I have complete control over my lazy eye which is helping me achieve binocular vision. I would recommend vision therapy to any child/adult with lazy eye strabismus.


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